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Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $1,049

Includes 1 Free Retake within 8 Months


Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this Adobe Authorized Captivate class live in Chicago or online.


Upcoming Dates:

June 21-22, 2018
Additional Fall & Winter date T/B/A. Please call for more details.


Attendees must have solid working knowledge of Captivate.

Adobe Captivate: Part 2

Our Adobe Captivate Advanced Training enables students to develop eLearning software materials, educational systems, and interactive learning simulations without programming knowledge. This class covers the higher level features such as advanced branching, adding audio and video, working with Variables. Students will also further work with templates.

  • Rehearse a Script.
  • Set Recording Preferences.
  • Record a Software Simulation.
  • Edit a Text Capture Template.
  • Record a Video Demo.
  • Add a Video Zoom.
  • Add a Video Pan.
  • Smooth a Mouse Path and Show Visual Clicks.
  • Split a Video.
  • Trim a Video.
  • Create a Text Caption Style.
  • Apply a Style Globally.
  • Export and Import a Style.
  • Name a Slide.
  • Copy/Paste Project Assets.
  • Use Buttons to Create a Branch.
  • Explore the Branching Tab.
  • Create a Slide Group.
  • Publish SWFs.
  • Aggregate SWFs.
  • Review a GIFT File.
  • Import a Question from a GIFT File.
  • Create Question Pools.
  • Move Questions to Pools.
  • Insert Random Question Slides.
  • Set Document Information.
  • Enable Accessibility.
  • Add Accessibility Text to Slides.
  • Import Slide Audio.
  • Add Shortcut Keys.
  • Set Document Information.
  • Enable Accessibility.
  • Add Accessibility Text to Slides.
  • Import Slide Audio.
  • Add Shortcut Keys.
  • Add Project Information.
  • Insert a System Variable.
  • Edit a System Variable.
  • Create a User Variable.
  • Use a Variable to Gather Data.
  • Insert and Format a Widget.
  • Insert a Process Circle.
  • Create a Drag and Drop Interaction.
  • Change Object States.
  • Use a Completed Action.
  • Name Objects.
  • Create a Mask.
  • Control Object Visibility.
  • Create a Simple Action.
  • Attach an Action to a Button.
  • Group Timeline Objects.
  • Create a Variable.
  • Create a Conditional Action.
  • Create Decision Blocks.
  • Work With the Main Master Slide.
  • Work With Content Masters.
  • Apply a Master to Filmstrip Slides.
  • Edit a Master.
  • Apply a Theme.
  • Create a Custom Theme.
  • Review a Template.
  • Base a Project on a Template.
  • Create a Project Template.
  • Insert a Placeholder.
  • Review a Responsive Project.
  • Customize Breakpoints.
  • Customize Theme Colors.
  • Use the Position Inspector.
  • Modify a Single Breakpoint.
  • Exclude from View.
  • Add a New Breakpoint.
  • Position and Link Objects.
  • Edit Breakpoint Object Styles.
  • Set Quiz Reporting Options.
  • Create a Manifest File.
  • Report a Button Interaction.
  • Adjust Slide Object Interaction.
  • Preview in SCORM Cloud.
  • Publish a Content Package.
  • Create an LMS Account.
  • Create an LMS Course.
  • Attach a Lesson to a Course.
  • Test an eLearning Course.
Adobe Captivate Part 2
Ascend Training, 213 W Institute Place, 6th Floor,Chicago,IL-60610
June 21, 2018
June 22, 2018
USD 1,049