Class Length: 4 Days
Price: $1,999

Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this Adobe Authorized Captivate class live in Chicago or online. *Not eligible for retakes.

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Attendees must have solid computer skills.

Adobe Captivate: Complete Bootcamp

This 4 day immersive Captivate Bootcamp offers a complete training solution for those working in Captivate. Our Adobe Certified Instructor will take you from start to finish in creating rich eLearning experiences. It is a comprehensive course that teaches both a solid foundation and enables students to add engaging interactivity.

  • Explore a Finished Captivate Project.
  • Zoom and Magnify.
  • Navigate a Project.
  • Explore and Reset the Workspace.
  • Preview the Entire Project.
  • Create a Blank Project.
  • Add Images to Placeholders.
  • Insert and Format a Text Button.
  • Disable Click Sounds.
  • Rehearse a Script.
  • Review Recording Settings.
  • Review Recording Modes.
  • Record Using Multiple Modes.
  • Record a Custom Simulation.
  • Record a Demonstration that Pans.
  • Manually Record the Screen.
  • Insert and Edit Text Captions.
  • Edit the Default Caption Style.
  • Change a Callout Type Used by a Text Caption.
  • Control Slide Timing.
  • Control Slide Object Timing.
  • Check Spelling.
  • Align Slide Objects.
  • Insert, Resize, and Restore an Image.
  • Transform an Image.
  • Use the Library.
  • Manage Unused Project Assets.
  • Crop and Rename an Image.
  • Remove a Background Color.
  • Insert Characters and eLearning Brother Assets.
  • Insert a Cloud Callout.
  • Create an Image Mask.
  • Delete a Slide Background.
  • Work with Photoshop Layers.
  • Create an Image Slideshow.
  • Control Mouse Effects.
  • Edit a Mouse Path.
  • Clone an Object Style.
  • Insert a Highlight Box.
  • Insert an Image Button.
  • Control Appear After Timing.
  • Insert a Rollover Caption.
  • Insert a Rollover Image.
  • Insert a Rollover Slidelet.
  • Insert a Zoom Area.
  • Import Audio onto a Slide Object.
  • Import Background Audio.
  • Add a Slide Note.
  • Calibrate a Microphone.
  • Record Slide Audio.
  • Import Audio onto a Slide.
  • Edit an Audio File.
  • Insert Silence.
  • Convert Text-to-Speech.
  • Insert a Flash Video.
  • Set Flash Video Properties.
  • Add Animation to a slide.
  • Insert Text Animation.
  • Apply an Effect to a Slide Object.
  • Apply a Free Fall Effect to an Object.
  • Edit Effect Timing.
  • Hide the Mouse.
  • Replace Phrases.
  • Insert a Click Box.
  • Insert a Text Entry Box.
  • Import PowerPoint slides.
  • Resize One Object and Apply to All.
  • Round-Trip PowerPoint Edits.
  • Synch With Source.
  • Rescale a Project.
  • Edit Quizzing Object Styles.
  • Set the Quiz Preferences.
  • Insert Question slides.
  • Insert Knowledge Check slides.
  • Create a Link to a Web Site.
  • Apply a Skin.
  • Edit, Save and Delete a Skin.
  • Create a TOC.
  • Check Publish Settings and Add a Loading Screen.
  • Publish a SWF and PDF.
  • Run the HTML5 Tracker.
  • Publish as HTML5.
  • Publish as both SWF and HTML5 (Multiscreen).
  • Export Captions.
  • Perform a “Round Trip”.
  • Rehearse a Script.
  • Set Recording Preferences.
  • Record a Software Simulation.
  • Edit a Text Capture Template.
  • Record a Video Demo.
  • Add a Video Zoom.
  • Add a Video Pan.
  • Smooth a Mouse Path and Show Visual Clicks.
  • Split a Video.
  • Trim a Video.
  • Create a Text Caption Style.
  • Apply a Style Globally.
  • Export and Import a Style.
  • Name a Slide.
  • Copy/Paste Project Assets.
  • Use Buttons to Create a Branch.
  • Explore the Branching Tab.
  • Create a Slide Group.
  • Publish SWFs.
  • Aggregate SWFs.
  • Review a GIFT File.
  • Import a Question from a GIFT File.
  • Create Question Pools.
  • Move Questions to Pools.
  • Insert Random Question Slides.
  • Set Document Information.
  • Enable Accessibility.
  • Add Accessibility Text to Slides.
  • Import Slide Audio.
  • Add Shortcut Keys.
  • Add Closed Captions.
  • Set a Tab Order.
  • Add Project Information.
  • Insert a System Variable.
  • Edit a System Variable.
  • Create a User Variable.
  • Use a Variable to Gather Data.
  • Insert and Format a Widget.
  • Insert a Process Circle.
  • Create a Drag and Drop Interaction.
  • Change Object States.
  • Use a Completed Action.
  • Name Objects.
  • Create a Mask.
  • Control Object Visibility.
  • Create a Simple Action.
  • Attach an Action to a Button.
  • Group Timeline Objects.
  • Create a Variable.
  • Create a Conditional Action.
  • Create Decision Blocks.
  • Work With the Main Master Slide.
  • Work With Content Masters.
  • Apply a Master to Filmstrip Slides.
  • Edit a Master.
  • Apply a Theme.
  • Create a Custom Theme.
  • Review a Template.
  • Base a Project on a Template.
  • Create a Project Template.
  • Insert a Placeholder.
  • Review a Responsive Project.
  • Customize Breakpoints.
  • Customize Theme Colors.
  • Use the Position Inspector.
  • Modify a Single Breakpoint.
  • Exclude from View.
  • Add a New Breakpoint.
  • Position and Link Objects.
  • Edit Breakpoint Object Styles.
  • Set Quiz Reporting Options.
  • Create a Manifest File.
  • Report a Button Interaction.
  • Adjust Slide Object Interaction.
  • Preview in SCORM Cloud.
  • Publish a Content Package.
  • Create an LMS Account.
  • Create an LMS Course.
  • Attach a Lesson to a Course.
  • Test an eLearning Course.
Adobe Captivate: Complete Bootcamp
Ascend Training,Chicago,IL-60654
USD 1,999