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Adobe Edge Animate: Animated Banner Ads and Infographics

Adobe Edge AnimateCreate animated, interactive banner ads and infographics with Adobe Edge Animate for browser or mobile devices. Designers will learn to develop animated content using HTML5. Create flexible content with images, text, navigation and integrate them into your website that is viewable on mobile phones, tablets including iPad.

  • Adobe Edge is an application that creates web-based animation and interactivity that is mobile-safe
  • Using Edge Animate for both web and Adobe InDesign DPS
  • What can Edge do: Import images, create vector shapes, create text, move items on the canvas, tween on the timeline
  • Adding the bells and whistles of animation but not be exposed to code
  • Experience a very visual interaface to create complex, elegant interactions
  • Similarities and differences between Edge and Indesign
  • Learning the lingo: What is JavaScript, jQuery, DOM, and Webkit
  • How webpages are built and incorporate animation and interactivity
  • Understanding how Edge uses Auto-Generation to create motion
  • The difference between Vector and Raster elements on the web
  • How Edge is similar to Adobe’s other programs such as Premiere Pro or Flash
  • Using the Selection, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle and Text tools
  • Understanding the Stage, Properties and Elements panels
  • Using the CSS Overflow attribute: Visible, Hidden, Scroll or Auto
  • Standardizing sizes and attributes
  • Working with the Edge Timeline to decide at what time an item moves or transforms
  • Setting a point in time and length for your animations
  • Working with Keyframes, Timeline and Playhead
  • Understanding how the Playhead adjusts a specific timespan
  • Adding motion to your elements
  • Using the Auto Keyframe Properties Switch
  • Modifying and adapting your animation through the timeline
  • Applying your animation to other elements within Edge
  • How the Mark and Playhead affect your animation
  • Using Edge to create HTML, CSS formatted text
  • Using Web Safe Fonts to ensure a consistent user experience
  • How fonts are measured differently for web (pixels) instead of points as in print applications
  • What is CSS and how Edge automatically utilizes these styles
  • Edge text existing in wrapper elements
  • Working with the 13 different Edge Font Combos
  • Adding rotation to text and creating multiple text elements
  • Creating multiple elements based on the same formatting
  • Developing animated banners
  • Fading animations in and out
  • Importing graphics and keeping in mind size, file format and appearance
  • Using the grid to better view your images
  • Creating realistic motion and developed targeted transitions
  • Adding effects to your animations
  • Working with the 29 Easing Options to create more realistic animations
  • Banner ad sizing and limitations
  • Keeping the file size manageable
  • Creating your own banner ad with Edge Animate
  • Start your idea with sketches and wireframes
  • Understanding how to tell a story and bringing it to life with interactivity and animation
  • Adding text effects to your infographic
  • Adding pie charts, bar charts and other data-driven images
  • Deploying animations such as ad banners to existing website
  • Working with an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver to incorporate your animation
  • Getting a basic understanding of JavaScript

Length: 3 Days
$1595 with Free Retakes for 8 Months


*We schedule this class by demand, onsite or custom training.

Taught by an Adobe Authorized Instructor. Official Adobe Certificate upon class completion.

Classes limited to 10 students or less, free retakes for 8 months for classes on our published schedule.