Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $1195

Includes 1 Free Retake within 8 Months

*We schedule this class on demand after confirmation that students have an Enterprise Level subscription for DPS access.

This is also available as an On-Site or a custom One-on-One training.

Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this Adobe Authorized InDesign class live in Chicago or online.



Attendees must have solid computer skills.

Adobe InDesign DPS Level 1:  Publications for Mobile & Tablets

Adobe InDesign TrainingLearn to create highly designed, immersive content for tablets and mobile with Adobe InDesign. Create complex documents such as magazines using this turnkey hosted service. See how magazines such as such as WIRED and The New Yorker have transitioned to iPad and Android DPS apps with InDesign. Develop for both the iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

  • Overview of Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) and comparison with other competing technologies (EPUB and PDF)
  • DPS enables users to create graphical, highliy formatted layouts
  • EPUB focuses on text-heavy materials like novels or reference materials
  • PDF offers features of both DPS and EPUB
  • eBooks feature a responsive layout that accommodates different tablet and eReaders
  • DPS feartures a more static layout that preserves your original design for a specific device
  • DPS apps supports a broad range of dynamic content and interactivity
  • EPUB files support limited dynamic content and interactivity
  • Create layouts in InDesign optimized for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices
  • Understand Folio Overlays, Folio Producer and packaged .folio files
  • Create horizontal and vertical layouts to accommodate screen orientation
  • Setting up Pixel Dimensions under Document Intent.
  • Why we use RGB for Web Documents?
  • Creating a single or dual-orientions
  • Overview of the Folio Producer: Folio Overlay, Digital Publishing tools for InDesign, Folio Builder Panel
  • Adding interactivity such as Hyperlinks, Slideshows, Audio, Video, Web Content and more
  • Adding prompts for interactive overlays
  • Using the Desktop and Content Viewers to effectively preview documents
  • Typesetting for specific devices within a fixed layout document
  • Overview of Alternate Layout feature
  • Using the Content Collector collects content to create multiple linked layouts
  • Update linked content
  • Creating buttons from text frames and graphics
  • Understanding button actions
  • Assigning actions to buttons, such as Go to Destination, Go to URL, Go to First Page
  • Using the Button Library to choose the style of your button
  • Using the Buttons Panel to assign states, event triggers and actual events
  • Understanding gestures (Taps and Swipes).
  • Adding hyperlink destination types such as URL’s, Email Links, Page Jumps, Navigate to Article, iTunes.
  • Setting up and configuring Multi-State Objects (MSO) for slide shows.
  • Modifying Multi-State Objects
  • Using the Overlay Creator Panel to load, play, and select frame rate
  • Using the Media Panel to manipulate audio and video.
  • Setting interaction parameters for Image Sequences
  • Importing and working with DPS-compatible videos and audio
  • Creating proper image resolutions for the best end result
  • Inserting Audio Controller Files to play and pause audio.
  • Linking to the web to ensure the most current information
  • Adding Web Content Overlays to hold an HTML content
  • Incorporating Twitter feeds and other Internet-basd content into your DPS publication.
  • Creating and editing Folios
  • Setting and editing the Folio Name, Size, Default Image Format and Default JPEG quality
  • Adding and importing horizontal and vertical articles to the folio
  • Creating and editing article properties: Title, Description, Table of Contents Preview, Smooth Scrolling and more
  • Previewing articles
  • Previewing folios
  • Sharing folios
  • Adding articles to a shared folio
  • Reordering articles in a folio
  • Adding and editing metadata in articles and folios
  • Updating articles
  • Deleting articles
  • Publishing folios