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Class Length: 1 Day
Price: $699

Includes 1 Free Retake within 8 Months


Upcoming dates:

April 18, 2017 – Sold Out!

Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this Adobe Authorized Photoshop class live in Chicago or online.



Attendees must have solid computer skills.

Photoshop Motion: Animation and Video in Photoshop

Learn to use the extensive motion capabilities to edit video, create animated GIF’s, presentations and more. Use the Timeline to rearrange video clips, make Frames from Layers, modify color, and add effects to create professional videos and animated GIF files. Students must know how to use Adobe Photoshop before taking this class.

  • Understanding the Motion workspace in Photoshop.
  • Making decisions such as are you working with existing video or still images?
  • What is your goal, to create a banner ad, animated GIF for email blast?
  • Working with Video Clips made up of Frames.
  • How to Add Media to Track.
  • Choosing between the Video and Frame Timelines.
  • Understanding frame-by-frame animation.
  • Working with keyframe animation with the video timeline.
  • Understanding how the Layers Panel integrates with the Timeline Panel.
  • Adding Animated Layer Properties for a Keyframe Animation.
  • How Position moves along the X- and Y-axis.
  • Changing the order, length and speed.
  • Trimming clips and splitting at Playhead.
  • Working with position, opacity and styles of Standard Pixel Layers.
  • Adding editable Text Layers that can be transformed.
  • Why we group Timeline Layers?
  • Adding text to your video.
  • Using Lens Correction to make edits such as perspective or chromatic aberrations.
  • Trimming video with the Scissors Tool.
  • Adding Transitions and changing speeds in between video clips.
  • Applying Adjustment Layers to clips.
  • Adding Audio to you video.
  • Understanding the Export and Rendering options for your video.