Adobe XD: UX, Design & Wireframing Website and Apps2018-10-18T16:17:07+00:00

Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $1095

Includes 1 Free Retake within 8 Months


You may take this Adobe Authorized class live in Chicago or online. Class size limited to 10 students or less, free retakes for 8 months for classes on our published schedule.


Upcoming Dates:

2019 Dates TBA

Who should take this class?

  • Designers who want to elevate their careers. The UX design job market grew 70% in 2016.
  • Web developers that want to create better user experiences.
  • Those that need to create seamless, mobile-ready experiences.

Adobe XD: Wireframing, Prototyping and the User Experience

Adobe XD is the all-in-one resource for rapid protoyping and wireframing to create a streamlined user experience. Learn to create interactive prototypes and complete screen mockups for websites and apps.

  • How Adobe XD differs from Photoshop in the prototyping process.
  • Understanding the User Experience.
  • Why animation plays a big part in contemporary user experiences.
  • Using Artboard presets for specific sizes.

Adobe XD UX Prototype

  • Designing multiple screens within one Adobe XD file.
  • Copying, resizing and rearranging Adobe XD Artboards.
  • How Artboards are different from Layers.
  • Using the Property Inspector to Align and Distribute.

Adobe XD Prototype Wireframe

  • Using Smart Guides to align objects.
  • Cut, copy, move and resize elements from one Artboard to another.
  • Adding shapes and grouping objects.
  • Working with Text in Adobe XD.
  • Creating Symbols that you can reuse on your pages and change all at once.
  • Using the Symbol Library to view all Symbols in your document.
  • Using the Repeating Grid to repeat elements quickly as a group.
  • Adjusting the margins and keep  your properties repeated.
  • Selecting items and using the Repeat Grid button form the Property Inspector to repeat assets.
  • Adjusting Padding in your grid.
  • Importing and exporting in Adobe XD to Photoshop & Illustrator with PNG & SVG.
  • Previewing your designs and prototypes.
  • Creating Prototypes by adding secondary Artboards.
  • Wiring assets to Artboards to create transitions and showcase the user experience.
  • Sharing prototypes as a scripted walkthrough and gain feedback through Commenting.