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Web Development Deep Dive Level 3

Hands-on professional Web Development training in Chicago, online or at your location.

Length: 3 Days
$1599 with Free Retakes for 8 Months

*We schedule this class by demand, onsite or custom training.

Taught by an Authorized Expert/Authorized Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this class live in Chicago or online.


Attendees must have solid Web Development knowledge.

You may take this class live in Chicago or online. Class size limited to 10 students or less, free retakes for 8 months for classes on our published schedule.

Web Development Deep Dive Level 3

This 3 day Level 3 course is an intense “Deep Dive” course for existing programmers who want to elevate their skills and explore cutting edge technologies. This class is designed for those that need advanced interaction, animation, develop games or webpages that may need geolocation or local data storage.

  • What is SVG and where is it’s place in HTML5?
  • Manipulating SVG within your HTML document through code
  • Using SVG Primitive Elements
  • Modifying and editing SVG with tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.
  • Altering SVG by use of CSS
  • Adding, Changing and Removing SVG elements with JavaScript
  • Creating animations for SVG Elements using the markup language SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language)
  • Creating interactive GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) with SVG
  • Using JavaScript Libraries like Raphaël or Google Chart Tools to aid with SVG
  • What is the CANVAS tag?
  • Adding the CANVAS tag to your HTML.
  • Drawing generative art to Canvas with JavaScript
  • Adding text with associated fonts to the HTML CANVAS
  • Using Bitmap Images in CANVAS Elements
  • Creating Animations in CANVAS Using JavaScript
  • Using Sprite Sheets for Complex Bitmap Animations to increase efficiency
  • Importing external JavaScript Libraries like EaselJS and Processing.js for use with CANVAS
  • Why use CSS for Animation?
  • Using new CSS3 Transitions to animate your HTML elements
  • Setting the properties for the transition of an object
  • Adjusting timing of an animation and Starting it on a delay
  • Animating through the use of keyframes in CSS
  • Setting up Key Frames and Properties
  • Starting and Controlling Animations with JavaScript
  • Exploring 3D Transformations in CSS
  • Interacting to Click and Swipe Events Using JavaScript and CSS3 for viewing with touch screens
“Over the years, I have never taken a class from Ascend without being able to fully utilize the program the very next day!”
J. Janz, Kent Feeds