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Cinema 4D Lite Level 1

Hands-on professional Cinema 4D training in Chicago, online or at your location.

Length: 3 Days
$1899 with Free Retakes for 8 Months

*We schedule this class by demand for groups of 3 or more students;  This class is also available as a custom One-on-One, or as an custom onsite training.

Taught by a Cinema 4D Authorized Expert with small class sizes. You may take this class live in Chicago or online.


Attendees must have solid working knowledge of After Effects.

Cinema 4D Lite Level 1

cinema 4d

Learn to create stunning 3D animations! Create 3D geometry objects and materials from scratch. Understand the Cinema 4D mini-timeline and use motion curves. Explore complex lighting and shadow options. Color correct and post-FX within After Effects.
  • Cineware and the C4D-AE rendering connection.
  • Creating Cinema 4D Lite files, restarting and re-opening.
  • Creating 3D Text and different spline Objects.
  • Creating 3D Geometry Objects.
  • Creating Materials from Scratch.
  • Utilizing the Content Browser.
  • Creating a 3-point lighting set-up in Cinema 4D.
  • The C4D Mini-Timeline and Keyframe Interpolation.
  • The full Cinema 4D Timeline.
  • Using Background Objects in C4D Lite.
  • Matching perspective and Camera Type.
  • Using the Composite Background Tag to Project Shadows.
  • The Difference for Interpret Footage in After Effects.
  • 3D Tracking in AE.
  • How to Send Track Data to Cinema 4D Lite.
  • Matching Lighting in 3D.
  • Using Multi-Pass Render Layers to Project Shadows and Ambient Occlusion.
  • Create Looping Animations in Cinema 4D Lite Using AE Expressions.
  • Creating Object Buffers.
  • Multi-Pass options for Compositing in AE.
  • Final Color Correction, Color Grading and post-FX in AE.
“Over the years, I have never taken a class from Ascend without being able to fully utilize the program the very next day!”
J. Janz, Kent Feeds