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InDesign for Newsletters & Directories

Date: June 23, 2017


Please note that Workshops are different from Ascend Classes.  At our Workshops, attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops as computers are not provided.

You may take this Adobe Authorized InDesign Workshop live in Chicago or online.

Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor with small class sizes.


This workshop is ideal for Non-Profit and Association staff members that need to produce & edit professional looking newsletters and create directories.  Laurie will help guide attendees through some of the best practices that will lead to improved workflows. This Workshop is available online and live here in Chicago.
Topics covered will include the following:
Define Your Style Sheet
  • Set up a Page size/ margins/ columns/ master pages;
  • Best practices for placing text from Word Documents & how to control it (thread)
  • Learn to create & apply Paragraph Styles
  • Place photos & logos/ graphics
  • Text Wrap: Why this is important
  • Savings as a PDF vs Exporting as a PDF
Limited offering!  Register now, as there are only 20 seats available for this 1-day workshop.  We do have a “Pay Later” option where we can accept Non-Profit or Association checks up until the day before the Workshop begins.