Class Length: 3 Days
Price: $1797


Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this Adobe Authorized Photoshop class live in Chicago or online. *Not eligible for retake.

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Attendees must have solid computer skills.

3D with Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop 3d trainingDive into Photoshop’s 3D capabilities to easily create simple 3D shapes, text effects and more. Learn how to use the Camera,  view controls and to set and change Environments. Add textures, change colors, and apply complex lighting effects to your 3D model. Our Photoshop 3D Training helps you navigate 3rd party resources such as PixelSquid that are available for obtaining 3D objects. Create 3D Meshes and extrude object, then render your final artwork.

  • Understanding the 3D workspace and preferences.
  • Organizing  files and understanding the 3D panel.
  • Walking through a basic 3D project
  • Understanding the 3D Axis with X, Y, and Z-axis orientation.
  • Understanding the 3D Camera and how it moves the Ground plane.
  • How the Ground plane reflects the position of the ground, relative to your 3D model.
  • Using The 3D Camera To Move The Ground Plane.
  • Moving the 3D camera to rotate roll, pan, walk & zoom.
  • How to move your object in 3D Space.
  • Making 2D Layers In 3D Space
  • Using Presets to create 3D Meshes, the underlying structure of your 3D model.
  • Extruding text, brush strokes, and shapes to extend 2D shapes into the 3D space.
  • Using Deformers
  • Extruding, editing and deforming 3D text.
  • Warp, twist ,taper, bend and shear 3D text.
  • Adding And Editing Materials: Textures And Maps
  • Setting up and altering Environment and Scene properties.
  • Merging multiple 3D layers and combining 2D with 3D.
  • Great 3rd party 3D model resources.
  • Rendering and exporting Photoshop layers and projects.


Photoshop 3D
Ascend Training,
USD 1797