– by Jori Curry

Adobe has done it again–moving forward in taking what once was only available to the elite and bringing it down to earth. Yes–I’m talking about Flash for everyone. Opening up Flash Professional can be a daunting task, especially for those migrating from the print industry.

Will Flash Catalyst make Flash more accessible for all?

The goal is to divide the designers and programmers into 2 camps: Those who design (ie don’t want to touch code with a 10 ft. pole) and developers who happily spend their day immersed in Actionscript.

It is very reminiscent of the day when there were two camps in web design: Those that used strictly HTML or at a minimum, BBEdit and those that were beginning to use Dreamweaver and GoLive. I remember code purists having fits about the tainted code coming from these GUI website packages. I think we are going to see the same kind of outcries with Flash Catalyst.

The designer camps, especially those new to Flash will be wowed by how easy it is to create animation, and I’m sure the freelance developers will be happy with the new projects that come their way  that the designers decide need an extra layer of pizazz.

Flash Catalyst is going to be a game changer–and with all the effort Adobe has put into it, I think we’re going to see some remarkable shifts in our industry.

Ascend Training will be offering Flash Catalyst classes as soon as the application becomes available to the public.