2e19351a9c80281d002b10b09461d277An animation today needs to be independent of the hardware it is sitting on. This is the only way developers can realistically roll their work out across the entire multitude of devices that are out there. With the continuous evolution of Web Standards and the power of today’s coding libraries; what can be achieved within the constraints of a web browser alone has become increasingly impressive. As a result, many developers are looking to convert existing Flash elements into pure, stand-alone HTML5 code.

To help with this transition, Adobe has been backing a new set of tools known as CreateJS.

CreateJS is a collection of prewritten code libraries geared up to make it easy for those who are used to working in Flash, to create in languages like HTML5 or Javascript. The tools let you export the HTML and Javascript code that manages the preloading of graphics, sound, and animation in a Flash file. This way you can take Flash assets and convert them to work in an HTML5 canvas. There is even an extension toolkit for Flash Pro’s developer tools which allows users to work entirely in Flash and then export to HTML or Javascript.

It is far from perfect at this stage, but it does allow the conversion of vector, bitmaps, classic tweens and sound to HTML5. However more complex animations are not yet accommodated by CreateJS, so keep an eye on their updates for shape tween, mask and blends support, among other things.