Graphic Design

Adobe Design Basics

This class is a quick-start for new users to Creative Cloud. Learn how to use InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, and how they work together. This class is the fastest way for creative professionals to get up and running Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications.

Adobe Photoshop Part 1

This comprehensive Photoshop course enables students to create professional, complex graphics and edit images. Become a Layer expert and work with Adjustment Layers, Masks, Smart Objects and Special Effects. Learn to prepare images for print and digital. Our Adobe Photoshop training classes feature free retakes for 8 months.

Photoshop Training ChicagoAdobe Photoshop Part 2

This intensive, advanced Photoshop class will teach you complex professional techniques with layers, retouching, and create precise, high-quality images. Create stunning images using nondestructive filtering with Smart Objects. In our class you will use Vanishing Point and Puppet Warp for high-end manipulations. Record Actions and use Batch Process for multiple images. Create complex Layer and Vector masks using Refine Edge and Smart Radius.

Beginner InDesign Class Chicago

Adobe InDesign Part 1

This intensive InDesign training teaches you to create print and digital publications with InDesign. Create projects from scratch and learn about placing photos, drawing and manipulating objects theading text frames, paragraph and character styles and more.

InDesign AdvancedAdobe InDesign Part 2

Explore the more advanced features in creating sophisticated documents for print, web and tablets. Learn more advanced styling such as nested styling, complex layout functionality and more. Prerequisite: InDesign Part 1 class or SOLID, daily working knowledge of InDesign.This class builds on concepts taught in the part 1 classes, and introduces new skills and shortcuts to the seasoned InDesign user.

Beginner Illustrator Training Chicago

Adobe Illustrator Part 1

Learn from the top professionals to create high quality logos, icons, infographics and more. Learn to create high quality logos, icons, infographics and more. Work with a vast variety of objects, shapes and text. Add special effects, and combine graphics which can be incorporated into any graphic design project, both print and digital. Understand how to apply patterns, gradients and use Adobe Color for cohesive color systems. Add special effects, and combine images for print and digital projects.

Advanced Illustrator Training ChicagoAdobe Illustrator Part 2

Explore more advanced topics such as effects such as Warp, 3-D and distortion. We will study Layers, new type features, Transparency, Symbols and Brushes. Use the Appearance Panel to add fills, strokes and effects to shapes and type, then save and use a Graphic Style. We will explore different effects such as warp, 3-D and different types of distortion. Students will draw with many different tools, pencil, blob and the shape tools as well as understand the pen tool and how Bezier curves really work.