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Enjoy some of my favorite time savers in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017!

Merge Visible

Sometimes you need all the layers in a Photoshop document to be merged. One example is if you want to use Image Warp, which only works on one later at a time. Unfortunately this option doesn’t exist on a menu, but the keyboard shortcut is: COMMAND + SHIFT + OPTION + E on the Mac, and CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E on the PC.

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Clone Stamp with an Angle

When you use the Clone Stamp tool, the angle is automatically set to zero on the Clone Source panel. But if you change the angle, you can effectively clone (on a new empty layer!) at any angle you wish!

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Changing Measurement Units

While Pixels are king in Photoshop, sometimes you may want to see measurements in inches, centimeters, etc. First make sure your Rulers are visible (View > Rulers). Now RIGHT + CLICK directly on the either ruler and choose the measurement from the fly-out menu.


More History States!

If you love the History panel, and who doesn’t, you can choose PREFERENCES > PERFORMANCE to change your History states from the default of 50 up to 1000. Be careful though, more history states means your computer may run more slowly.

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Finding the Center of your Image

The easiest way to find the center of your image is to choose VIEW > NEW GUIDE and then type in for either vertical or horizontal 50%. Make sure to include the % symbol!

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