How many times have you cropped an image only to come back later and realize you cropped too much? Photoshop CC has the option to use the Crop Tool nondestructively, so you have the ability to revert back to your original size. When you select The Crop Tool in Photoshop, the first thing you see are handles on each corner and side of the cropped area. Drag these in any direction to choose the visible area after the crop. When you move your mouse outside the handles, you can rotate your crop.

De-check “Delete Cropped Pixels” and you will crop non-destructively!

The important thing about cropping non-destructively is the Control Bar. By default, the Delete Cropped Pixels option is checked. Once you un-check this box, after you crop your image, you will be able to go back and revert to the original image.

Photoshop Crop

Use the Crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop to crop images non-destructively.

Un-checking Delete Cropped Pixels enables you to choose Image > Reveal All to undo the crop. The beauty is once you un-check this box, it’s “sticky” and will stay un-checked from document to document. The only way this would revert would be if you reset your settings, or re-install Photoshop.

Working in Photoshop non-destructively is always the best idea. Happy cropping!