Adobe Photoshop Training ClassEndless Possibilities with the Adobe Photoshop CC Toolbar

The Photoshop tools appear in the vertical toolbox to the left of your screen. Each tool on the Adobe Photoshop CC toolbar that has a small triangle at the lower right contain hidden tools with a fly-out menu. Access these additional tools by holding down your mouse while on a tool with a triangle. Each tool also has a letter associated with it that appears in a yellow box when your mouse hovers over the tool.

The Control Panel changes with each tool you choose. For example, when on the Text Tool, you will see alignment, spacing and kerning. When, you are on the Crop Tool you see image size and resolution.

Here is a handy diagram of all the endless tools in Adobe Photoshop CC! Want to learn more about our Adobe Photoshop training? See all our Photoshop class offerings.

Photoshop CC Toolbar