Have you upgraded to Acrobat 9 yet? Here are the five top reasons to upgrade: 

    • Improved Interface and faster performance
    • Close integration of Flash for better electronic/interactive documents
    • Simplified Forms interface and tools
    • Easy built-in on-line collaboration with co-workers and customers
    • Improved security and redactment features

Acrobat 9 is one of the most impressive upgrades of a single product that we have seen in a long time. Visit Adobe’s Acrobat site to see an impressive demo of the software in action! 

Ascend’s two day Acrobat 9 Adobe Certified workshop will show you how to take advantage of all the new features and put Acrobat 9 to work for you.

A few of the topics that will be covered are: 

    • How to create electronic/interactive documents that improve your corporate images and customer relations
    • How to create and  send forms quickly and easily
    • How to send out forms electronically and collect data automatically
    • How to share doscuments with co-workers and customers online
    • How to set up on-line meetings and workflows
    • How to embed Flash video in PDFs and your Web pages with a simple click of the mouse