HP released a tablet at the end of last year called the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC. Do not get it confused with the HP TouchSmart. This new tablet is HP’s answer to Apple’s iPad and is being heavily advertised to business professionals. The screen is slightly smaller than the iPad and has a shorter battery life but offers some unique features that may make the Slate more popular than the iPad.

The Slate offers the multi-touch display in which the level of interactivity is enhanced with the use of the stylus pen (included). It allows the user to convert their handwriting to text or keep handwritten notes utilizing the must-have program OneNote. In addition, the USB port allows for connectivity of an external monitor, hard drive, or even keyboard.

Most importantly for all you mobile application developers out there, the Slate operates on Windows 7, which supports Adobe Flash, unlike its Apple counterpart. Since the industry standard is starting to move toward creating operating systems that support Flash, i.e. Android, this may be one of the biggest reasons the Slate may gain popularity.

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