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Our Location

Located In beautiful downtown Chicago

410 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 433, Chicago IL 60605

The historic Fine Arts Building was the home to Frank Lloyd Wright offices. The Wizard of Oz was illustrated here. Our space was the historic Piccadilly Club, which featured themed dining rooms. Ours was the Men’s Grill, then later The Grill Room. Notable artists, musicians, and creatives spent time here.

Our Chicago Training Facility

About our Building

Our downtown Chicago facility is in one of the most historic buildings in the country, on a stunning 4th floor courtyard. Our 10 story building was built in 1884 by Solon Spencer Beman for the Studebaker company. It is home to dozens of businesses associated with the arts such as fine and graphic artists, violinists, opera singers and dance companies. The Wizard of Oz was illustrated here, and Frank Lloyd Wright had offices in the building.

Our Computer Labs

Each student works on either Mac or Windows platform at their own workstation which we provide.