Web Development Training for Beginners

Web Development Training ChicagoWeb Dev Essentials with Adobe CC

HTML5 is the foundation for every website. Learn how to build professional, interactive websites and apps with HTML5 and CSS. Add images and video, attach CSS for different styling techniques, and use Javascript for interactivity. This instructor-led class is packed with hands-on exercises that give you the tools to write code and create navigatable sites.

Web Developent Coding TrainingCustom Email Campaigns

This 2 day class is for those with little or no HTML experience who want to create effective email marketing campaigns. You will learn how to use HTML to create email layouts, forms, import graphics, and formatting with CSS. Best practices to avoid being tagged as a Spammer will also be covered. Students leave with comprehensive skills to return to the office and work with e-marketing.

Responsive Web Design with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CC

Learn to design flexible, responsive layouts for mobile, tablets and desktop. Use Photoshop to build developer-ready files. Understand how to use grid Layout Systems like BootStrap and how to incorporate HTML5 and CSS into your design. Exporting options including scaling for Retina displays and different levels of compression.

Animate Beginner Class ChicagoAdobe Animate Level 1

With the new feature to export to HTML5, Animate can dazzle web users. Learn to create great web animations and banners that work for not only desktop browsers but also iOS and Android Devices!

Adobe Muse Level 1

Adobe Muse is for those new to web design that want to build websites without learning HTML and CSS. Muse is a great tool for small to medium sized web projects for those that have no web experience. Muse enables you to build a website using familiar knowledge from InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. You will learn to use Master pages, incorporate images, set up navigation, and publish your website in this 2 day class.

Wordpress Training ChicagoWordPress Level 1: Building Websites and Blogging

WordPress makes it easy for any computer user to create webpages and blogs. This 1 day Level 1 class will teach you to easily develop and customize your own website. WordPress is a free online application that allows users to create beautiful pages that you can incorporate your own logos, images or photos into.

Web and App Development Courses

The internet is based on code. There are many resources that offer a “Code Free” development option, but if you don’t have at least a foundation with code, your hands are tied.

I don’t want to become a coder, what are my choices?

The internet is built on code. If you are a designer, and don’t want to learn code, there are options:

  • WordPress: Is a free Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. You can easily apply free or purchased “Themes” to change the look and fee, and there are hundreds of plugins available.
  • Adobe Muse: Software from Adobe that enables designers to create websites in a Graphical User Interface in which no coding knowledge is required. You can develop fully responsive HTML5 websites without understanding code. Adobe’s CreativeSync integration makes it very compatible with all Adobe applications.
  • Adobe Edge Animate: Create highly interactive HTML animations for web, apps, digital publications and more. HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3, but users do not need to know those languages to be productive.

Even if I use Muse or WordPress, should I still learn some basic code?

YES! Learning even the foundation of code is incredibly helpful when working with developers.